hirntrust grind media - infect the underground

HIRNTRUST GRIND MEDIA is an independent record label currently
operating from Linz/Austria, active since 2005 and established on the
experimental/noise and core-circuit. Brutal diseased noise, brain synapses
on fire, harsh chainsaw jungle/dub soundwrecks, violent cut-up broken
beat/grind/rave and overdriven death polka collapse. Every kind of
horrible noise and distorted/tortured/spastic muzik is possible!
Infect the underground!

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  • Hirntrust Label Mix by CAEDES
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  • ZFE 'face destroy' Video @ vimeo by Sekitani
  • Deathstorm 'maggots' Video @ vimeo by Sansculotte
  • ZFE 'tweng' Video @ vimeo by Sansculotte